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All the Things You Need to Know About Simple, Certified or Sworn Translations

­čĹë We can talk about translation even from ancient times. If the text written in a language has to be translated into a second language, we talk about simple translation. One of the most translated books is said to be the Bible. There is also a list of most translated individual authors. Simple translations do not include a letterhead paper and it is paid to the translators on a per word basis.

­čĹë We talk about certified translation if a document requires an officialization of the translation carried out. The elaboration of a quality translated text is done thorough terminology research, the creation of a dedicated glossary and the use of professional work tools. It is paid to the translators on a per page basis.

­čĹë If you need a certified translation service you have to know that this service is only performed by an official translator. He/she attaches on the requested document a certificate of authenticity of the translation carried out in the target language, by signing and stamping it on letterhead paper.

­čĹë A sworn translation has to carry an apostille if it must be presented abroad and must necessarily pass through an embassy or consulate. Here are a series of documents that usually require sworn translation: adoption proceedings, certificates of citizenship, company documents, licenses, medical certificates and reports, qualifications, registration documents, residence permits, notarial deeds, and wills.

­čĺí It is very important to know the different type of translation so as to hire the right professional service.

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