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Things You Should Know About American Sign Language

Different countries have different sign languages

➡️ Sign Language developed naturally from interactions between people and was influenced by their age, gender, culture and more. There are about 6,000 different sign languages around the world.

Children acquire sign language in the same way they acquire spoken language

➡️ Through interactions with people around them, deaf babies explore the hand shapes and movements that make up signs by babbling with their hands. In the early developmental stages, deaf children often substitute easier handshapes for more difficult ones.

ALS is the third most popular language in the US

➡️ Behind English, Spanish and Chinese, ALS is the fourth most widely used language in the US with around 2 million users.

➡️ “I love you” in ASL is the combination of signs for the letters I,L and Y 🤟

Gallaudet University in Washington DC provides most of their courses in ASL

➡️ Founded in 1864, Gallaudet University is the major university that offers education for deaf and hard-of-hearing students in the US. Most courses are taught in ASL even though they do have other learning programs in English.

➡️ Beethoven became a talented composer and pianist even though he was hearing impaired.

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