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Translation vs Localization - Translation Services / Tercüme Hizmetleri

What is Translation?

➡️Most people have an idea of what translating is and essentially, it involves taking content that has been created in one language and converting it into another language. In the majority of instances where a business will require the use of a translation service, it will involve taking a document or other forms of media and changing it from the source (original) language into the target language. This will involve adopting the correct vocabulary and grammar of the target audience in order to convey the original message.

📝What is localization?

➡️It has already been identified that translation and localization share some characteristics, but localization does go one step further. It is a process that involves translating text but then adapting that text during the process so that it is targeted to a specific data point which can include culture, geo location, among the many data combination.

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