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As the worldÔÇÖs consumption of oil, minerals and base metals steadily increases, so does the demand for professional translation services in the sector. Mining companies are on the lookout for high caliber, technical translators.

Companies extracting energy and natural resources work in the international arena with worldwide supply chains. They need to translate websites and other media material for marketing campaigns, to be serious players in the global market.

­čĹë Translators ease the working process.

Most mining companies operate in many countries, renting foreign equipment, hiring foreign employees. Translators help employees to understand how to implement processes, operate complex machinery, by translating technical manuals. They translate medical and safety documentation to help avoid accidents in the workplace.

­čĹë Translators can contribute to intercontinental company mergers.

Thanks to translators, mining enterprises can participate in international tenders, win bids with prospective clients, seek investment in underdeveloped mining sectors from wealthy individuals. The success of the whole deal can depend on the accuracy of a translation. Mining corporations can open up new territories, develop mines and attract foreign investors for what are normally million dollar investments in their projects.

­čĹë The Mining industry goes hand in hand with International relations

With translated legal documents and contracts, mining companies can sign long-awaited agreements with foreign investors. Signing a contract is not enough, they have to maintain a close relationship with stakeholders ÔÇô establishing a firm and durable partnership for the export and import of raw materials. The return on investment will be high if all business correspondence is translated accurately with a rapid turnaround. This will eventually end up as revenue for the mining company, as itÔÇÖs a long-term investment for them.

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